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What foods can prevent depression

Do you know what foods can prevent depression?

Food is our human survival essential thing. A variety of foods provide all necessary nutrients for our body to our humanity, as well as special effects and some food.

banana. Bananas contain a substance called “alkaloid”, it can inspire us to improve our human spirit and confidence; and banana is also the source of tryptophan and vitamin B6, and these substances can help us the human brain manufacture serotonin, inhibition is beneficial for depression.

Cherry. Because cherries are rich in vitamins and nutrients, it is a Western medicine called “natural aspirin.” And because cherry also contains a substance called anthocyanin, a substance capable of producing happy, therefore, that people in a bad mood to eat some cherries than eating any drug can effectively suppress depression.

Grapefruit. High amounts of vitamin C contained in grapefruit can not only maintain the concentration of red blood cells, so that our body has the ability to resist, and vitamin C can also be under pressure if a man is not depression. And most importantly, we manufacture dopamine in the body, when the adrenaline, vitamin C is an important component, which is the suppression of depression medicine.

pumpkin. Pumpkin but be a good thing, extremely rich in nutrients. And because it is rich in vitamin B6 and iron, two nutrients that the body can help people store glucose into glucose, which is the only fuel the brain, so it enables us to maintain a good mood mankind. Use it to suppress the depression could not be better.

Whole wheat bread. All white bread nutrients are very comprehensive, but it also is the best carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can help us increase the human serotonin front has also been said, is to inhibit serotonin depression medicine, the researchers said: “Someone pasta, snack foods such as anti-depression agents can eat, This is very scientific. ”

Marine fish. Scientific studies have found that people who live in the sea are relatively happy. This is not only because of the sea refreshing, or because they live in the sea of people eat fish more often. Research pointed out fish in the Omega-3 fatty acids commonly used antidepressants such as lithium has a similar effect, can block the neural pathway, increase the secretion of serotonin. Thus marine fish is one of the most food can inhibit the depression.

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