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Healthy Schools for All Resolution

Resolutions are written suggestions for addressing a specific problem or issue. Presenting the Healthy Schools for All! Resolution to a school district is a powerful way to direct the course of action for a school board. We believe this resolution opens the door to innovate and develop a vision for healthy schools!

Healthy Schools for All! Model Resolution – Model  2018

WHEREAS, the [District name] School District is committed to operating 21st Century schools that meet the needs of 21st Century students and prepare them for success in the 21st Century; and,

WHEREAS, school matters in every aspect of the lives of children and youth, including their intellectual, physical, and emotional development, and children and youth must feel healthy, safe, and respected in order to reach their academic potential; and

WHEREAS, the [District name] School District is committed to creating an environment, both physical and social, that conveys the value and potential of each of our students, regardless of race, income, sexuality, or gender expression; and

WHEREAS, all children and youth should have an opportunity to learn to be accountable members of a healthy school community, and should be protected from zero tolerance discipline that contributes to the disproportionate push-out of students of color and LGBTQ students and feeds the school-to-prison pipeline; and

WHEREAS, all children and youth deserve to study in schools with facilities, supplies, and technologies necessary for both comprehensive instruction and physical activity; that are clean, well-constructed, properly equipped, and well-maintained; that promote a sense of community and possibility; and, that motivate students to learn; and

WHEREAS, students cannot reach full intellectual and physical development without proper nutrition, especially given the alarming increase in childhood diabetes, yet many students, especially low-income students and students of color, do not have access to high-quality food, such as fresh produce and whole grains; and

WHEREAS, schools provide a significant portion of the food and beverages that children and youth consume each day, thereby contributing to both students’ diet and their perception of what constitutes a proper diet; and

WHEREAS, physical activity bolsters the ability of students to learn and focus during class, yet children and youth do not have sufficient opportunity to engage in physical activity, compromising both their health and their academic performance; and,

WHEREAS, increasingly children and youth come to school with complex and chronic conditions that, without proper treatment, may interfere with their ability to focus and engage, and our schools have a responsibility to promote student health; and,

WHEREAS, schools must be able to count on adequate and equitable funding in order to meet the above requirements of the 21st Century, yet funding remains inequitably distributed and falls far below need for many students, particularly low-income students, English learners, and students of color; and,

WHEREAS, 21st Century schools must invest in each aspect of a healthy school community, neglecting none of these interrelated aspects of health or safety, if we wish to prepare our students for the 21st Century;

WHEREAS, parents and other community members have a significant interest in contributing to 21st Century schools, including participating in decisions about how schools invest in a healthy school community;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the [District name] School District hereby commits to investing in each aspect of a healthy school community, from guaranteeing nutritious food for our students to offering them a positive physical environment, by adopting and implementing all policies and practices that are necessary to make this vision a reality; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, to advance these investments, the [District name] School District will launch a Healthy Schools for the 21st Century Initiative that encompasses the following:

  • Institute restorative justice principles and approaches in place of zero tolerance discipline, to the full extent permitted under local law, and adopt safe space practices into both classroom instruction and overall school policy;
  • Adopt nutrition standards that exceed federal requirements and other national guidelines, so that students have fresh, locally grown produce at each meal through a farm-to-school initiative, adequate time to consume their meals, access to safe drinking water throughout the school day, access to in-class breakfast, and nutrition education that instructs children on healthy diets and the cultivation of food;
  •  Integrate organized physical activity throughout across the curricula, whether in the classroom, during physical education, or during recess, and foster open schoolyards that make our facilities available to the community to promote the health of our students and their families;
  • Review all school facilities, including buildings and schoolyards, to identify measures needed to bring facilities up-to-date for the 21st Century, with a focus on creating a physical environment that promotes enthusiasm for learning, community, and physical activity, with equity for all students across the district;
  • Ensure school nursing staffing exceeding recommended ratios and develop a plan for establishing onsite school-based health clinics to provide students with needed physical and mental health services in partnership with local health institutions; and,
  • Take steps to ensure adequate and equitable funding for all our schools, so each of our students benefit from the facilities, instruction, nutrition, physical activity, and health and other services necessary for a complete education; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the [District name] School District will launch a community-wide design and implementation process by, among other steps, appointing parents and other stakeholders to the committee that will present a Healthy Schools for the 21st Century plan to the [District name] School Board by [date] .


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