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What foods can prevent depression

Do you know what foods can prevent depression? Food is our human survival essential thing. A variety of foods provide all necessary nutrients for our body to our humanity, as well as special effects and some food. banana. Bananas contain a substance called “alkaloid”, it can inspire us to improve our …

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New device keeps heart beating without touching heart

On April 4, 2014 at Experts agree that insurance policies should be kept in a safe, secure place in the event of an emergency. Jeremiah Timmons has taken that advice to heart  Medical Center of the Rockies, University of Colorado Health cardiologist and board-certified electrophysiologist Dr. Tim Johnson inserted a different kind …

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Patient-centered care drives new UCHealth Cancer Center design

When cancer patients are most vulnerable and fears speak loudly, the University of Colorado Health’s new Cancer Center in Fort Collins is there to provide a more life-affirming, hopeful message. From the concierge greeting at the front door to the navigators who guide patients and their families through treatment, from the smooth …

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Healthy Schools for All Resolution

Resolutions are written suggestions for addressing a specific problem or issue. Presenting the Healthy Schools for All! Resolution to a school district is a powerful way to direct the course of action for a school board. We believe this resolution opens the door to innovate and develop a vision for …

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